Medical Treatment in Switzerland
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Medical Treatment - Service and Support

Are you looking for the best medical treatment?

  1. Who are the most suitable experts ready to help me?
  2. Where is the best hospital helping me to solve my problem?
  3. When can I start my treatment and how long does it go?
  4. Where can I find the best medical treatment money can buy?
  5. Who will communicate for me with the hospital?
  6. How much I have to pay?
  7. Did I need a Visa for Switzerland?
  8. Who will help me in obtaining a Visa issued by the Swiss Immigration?

We can solve all this questions for you enabling you to concentrate on your fast recovery. We have a staff of multilingual relationship managers used to help foreign clients to find Swiss hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. We have our in-house lawyers handling your application for immigration and collecting the Visa for you.

We are independent and we will offer and organize the best medical treatment available on the market.

Switzerland is famous worldwide for the exceptional quality of its hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. For example, the pacemaker was invented in Switzerland and the cervical cancer vaccination was developed here. You cannot fail to be impressed by the outstanding quality of medical services and high-tech medical equipment of the last generation. University clinics and reputable professors are taking care on clients introduced by our multilingual managers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your medical concerns. We are happy to assist you with our full-fledged services from A to Z.

Please feel free to call immediately: +41 44 212 44 04,
in urgent cases mobile phone +41 79 543 85 93.